Dinner Menu

Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday  5pm - 10pm
Thursday, Friday, Saturday   5pm - 11pm

- Little Things -

Mixed Olives     
with fennel & citrus ~ 4 (V, GF)

Vegetable Bagna Cauda
seasonal vegetable, lemon olive oil dressing,
cold anchovy garlic bagna cauda sauce, 
fresh herbs~ 9 (GF) 

Kurtwood Farms Brie  
Kurt's Farm Shop farmstead brie, 
walnut honey, pickled mustard seeds

herb salad, toasted bread ~ 9.50

Cucumber & Pink Lady Salad  
Cucumbers, apples, quinoa, snap peas,
lemon dressing, herbs, goat cheese ~ 9

(GF, AV)

Brussels Sprouts    
orange thyme dressing, walnut honey,
ricotta (GF, AV) ~ 9.5

Hand Cut Fries     
with house made aioli~7

Baby Greens Salad     
bleu cheese crumbles, marcona almonds, roasted beets, tarragon vinaigrette-8 (AV, GF)

Tall Grass Bakery Baguette
extra virgin olive oil  ~ 3.50 (V)


Steak Frites*     
Grass fed teres major, crispy frites, gremolata, pan jus, house-made steak sauce 19.50 (GF)

Clams in Broth    
local clams, rustichella d'abruzzo, oven roasted tomatoes, Tall Grass baguette ~ 18.50

Shawn’s Vegan Mac    
secret family recipe, served with a simple green salad  11.50

Roasted Chicken 
buckwheat polenta, roasted shallots, fresh herbs, salsa de erbe ~19.50 (GF)

Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup    
Tall Grass sourdough, Beecher’s cheese with a
cup of creamy tomato basil soup ~ 11   

Jodi Burger    
Painted Hills beef burger, Beecher's Flagship cheese, Mama Lil's, aioli, tomato, arugula, oven roasted tomatoes,  pickled red onions, housemade brioche bun,
& hand cut fries ~ 15

Barley Risotto
pearl barley, walnut herb pesto, goat cheese, snap peas, fresh herbs ~15 (AV)

Kale Salad  
Lacinato kale, fingerling potatoes, butternut squash, snap peas,
cherry tomatoes, red cabbage, creamy Italian dressing ~12 (V, GF) 
Available warm


Cafe Pettirosso is dedicated to using as much organic product as possible.